August 2007

"The Quiet Man" Village
Cong & Ashford Castle

John Wayne's "The Quiet Man" is one of Craig's favorite movies so we stopped through Cong, where it was filmed, on our way up to Westport. Below is the coffee shop that was pictured in my guide book. But the shop owner across the street (who was very knowledgable about all things "Quiet Man") informed me that this shop has absolutely no connection with the movie other than being located in Cong. But it is very nice how the paint color matches my shirt.

Now THIS house has proper claim rights to "The Quiet Man" movie. It is the very same Danaher house used in the movie.

Craig preparing to throw a punch in front of the minister's house... the very house used in the "Quiet Man" fight scene. It is very nice how HIS shirt matches the house trimmings.

The church from the movie. You might remember the scene where John Wayne meets Maureen O'Hara as she is leaving mass. I am standing in the same spot where he dipped some holy water for her. This church still holds weekly masses.

Ruins of an abbey in the middle of Cong. We observed that most Irish villages center around a large abbey or church, often in ruins. You cannot see it here but a brand new church building had been built right in the middle of the ruins.

More pictures from inside the abbey...

There was a lovely park on the abbey grounds. This bridge crossed a small river..

A relief sculpture at the top of the bridge.

Ruins of a small fishing house on the river. Monks from the abbey kept toasty by the fireplace while they fished during the winter from inside the house through a hole in the floor.

Ashford Castle. Now renovated into a five star hotel. We tried to sneak inside to take a peak but the very serious guard man would have nothing of it. So we enjoyed walking through the exquisite grounds instead.

Me bravely climbing onto a precarious ledge! A friend noted that the fern behind me is taller than the ledge... oops, busted!

The entrance to Ashford Castle.

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