August 2007

Mizen Head
The Southernmost Point of Ireland

On the road to Mizen Head. I can't remember which town this is... but all of the little Irish towns we travelled through looked similar to this.

The Celtic Sea.

The view from the Mizen Head parking lot.

Looking down at the Mizen Head Signal Station. This station was built in 1906 to warn ships of the dangerous rocks. It was manned by human residents until the 1970s when satellite navigation took over. The station was opened to the public in 1994.

Walking down the 99 steps to the bridge.

An unnerving although very sturdy walking bridge to the station. This bridge was build in 1910.

Looking off the north side of the bridge to the rocks below.

Looking down from the south side of the bridge.

Craig on the bridge. I don't know what that little abandoned house is behind him but that first step is a doozy!

From inside the signal station.

The southernmost tip of Ireland. The wind here was ferocious.

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