August 2007

Mooghaun Ringfort
Magic in County Clare

When we reached Newmarket, we were ready for a quiet final evening, having seen and done every single thing we had hoped for. But there was one final gift in store for us... on our way back to the B&B after dinner in town we took a back road through the country (as we did as often as possible) and got completely lost (we did that rather often too). As we rounded a corner, the most beautiful woods I have ever seen opened up before us... The trees were very tall and straight with branches beginning high above our heads. There was not a bit of undergrowth and the rocky ground was covered with a thick deep green moss. It was deserted but there was a small parking lot, a walking trail and signs describing the area. We had stumbled upon the site of an ancient ringfort area called Mooghaun...the huge piles of stones were arranged in large concentric circles by an ancient people around 2000 BC! We walked through that magical forest. Although we never saw another soul, we heard voices the entire time we were in the woods. I know there were probably leprechauns and fairies watching us... giggling from behind the trees ;-) It was absolutely magical. A light rain began to fall just as we got back to our car. What a delightful final Ireland experience.

I found this picture on the internet. We didn't even have our camera with us...

Hope you enjoyed these pages and perhaps experienced a tiny bit of the magic Craig and I found in Ireland. Happy Travels to Ye!

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